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Come and leave.


Tengah bosan, buka profile orang, stalk. Ya.. im a stalker. 
Stalk sebab rindu. Rindu bila orang yang dulu selalu dengan kita tiba-tiba jauh. Orang yang dulu selalu share problem sama-sama, menggila malam2 buta , nangis, gelak sama-sama . Dulu, bukan sekarang.

 Jauh dari mata , normal. Ada facebook, twitter, skype and all those things , tapi kita jarang contact. Jarang sangat. Maybe jauh hati? hmm.

But why? Why are these things happened between us ? Not just between you and me . But between you and us. Why? If only I am brave enough to ask you that question. But I don't. I am a coward.
Dulu pun pernah jadi macamni, but you come back. and everything became normal and suddenly... pooff! You leave us. You having fun with them, you replace us with them. Well, i don't care as long as you are happy. But please... don't come to someone's life if you want to leave 'em soon. It's hurt tho. Hurt enough. 

Jangan duduk berpuak , jangan bergeng-geng. Yes, I agree! but you leave us. It's a different things when you want to join your other group of friends but still hanging with your  friend and leave your friends to join your other friends. Well, do you get it? I know it's hard to understand ._.
Senang cerita, jangan lupakan yang lama kalau jumpa yang baru.

Or maybe  im not perfect. We are not perfect. We aren't good enough to be with you. I know that. But dont make us like that .... we have heart tho. We are not empty tins that you can just kick here and there.

But it's okay :) Tak pernah berdendam , tak pernah membenci . Just terasa hati. sikit. My heart isn't important. What is important is your happiness. I mean , why should you thing about others, right? We live just once, so enjoy just your life. I love you xx